From the 1st April 2015, the Low Income Low Asset route to bankruptcy in Scotland is no longer available and is replaced with the Minimal Asset Process (MAP) solution.

The Minimal Asset Process bankruptcy assists to help a person resolve their unsecured debts which they cannot repay, as long as they meet the criteria. Generally to qualify, you must have a small amount of income and a low value in your assets.

The MAP bankruptcy is cheaper than a certificate of sequestration application. You would need to speak to an approved money advisor who would complete the paperwork online for you. At the same time you would pay the MAP fee which is £90.

Qualify for a Minimal Asset Process (MAP)

There is criteria to be applicable for a bankruptcy via the Minimal Asset Process route. To qualify you must:

  1. Live in Scotland. If you live elsewhere in the UK you could consider a Debt Relief Order.
  2. Your debts must not exceed £17,000 and must be at least £1,500.
  3. You are living on a low income. If you’re income is solely state benefits then you will qualify for a MAP if you have been in receipt of these benefits for 6 months. You would also qualify if you have no available money to pay towards your creditors after paying your essential living costs.
  4. Your car must be worth £3,000 or less. Any other assets must not be valued at more than £2,000 in total, with a single asset not valued at more than £1,000.
  5. You cannot own a property.
  6. You cannot have been made bankrupt in the last 5 years.

Advice on Minimal Asset Process Bankruptcy

You can seek advice on a Minimal Asset Process bankruptcy from Debt Support Trust on 0800 085 0226. Our debt advisors will explain whether you qualify for the solution and how you can proceed to enter the MAP bankruptcy.