Debt Advice in Scotland has grown since the recession began and because of different laws with the rest of the UK, Scotland has its own debt solutions. Debt Support Trust is a not for profit organisation providing debt advice across the UK.

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Scottish debt advice is different to the rest of the UK because the legislation is different. Scottish debt solutions include:

Protected Trust deed

A protected trust deed also known as a trust deed for short is a Scottish debt solution which is similar to an IVA in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Click for more information on a Trust Deed in Scotland.

A protected trust deed enables you to repay what you can afford each month. It’s usually a 4 year debt solution where you agree to pay your disposable income towards the solution for the term of the solution. Any equity from assets will be realised too. The proposal will enable you to repay a percentage of your debt over a fixed period of time. You should seek Scottish debt advice from an approved money adviser before proceeding with this solution.

To meet the criteria for a Protected Trust Deed you should

  1. Live in Scotland
  2. Have debt of at least £5,000 unsecured debt
  3. Be able to contribute your disposable income towards your debt every month


Sequestration is the Scottish equivalent of bankruptcy. Scottish debt advice, like Sequestration, should be tailored to your personal and financial situation. You can be made bankrupt by one of your creditors, or you can petition for your own sequestration under a Minimal Asset Process or Certificate of Sequestration. If you are not suitable for the Minimal Asset Process then the Certificate of Sequestration may be the most suitable route.

Debt Arrangement Scheme

The Debt Arrangement Scheme is a legally binding agreement where you repay all of the money you borrowed, similar to a debt management plan, however this solution can protect your house in Scotland. Solutions, such as the DAS, will freeze your interest and charges to help you repay your debt quicker.

Scottish Debt Advice

There may be a number of suitable debt solutions for somebody living in Scotland and struggling to manage their unsecured debt problem.

Our friendly advisory team can help you determine what debt solutions would be most applicable then support you in entering your chosen solution. At Debt Support Trust our role is to provide you with accurate debt advice, providing you with the pros and cons to each scottish debt solution which will help you make an informed decision on your debt problem.

To contact a charity representative at Debt Support Trust please telephone 0800 085 0226.

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