In 5 minutes you’ll have a suggested answer to your debt problems by analysing your debt.

Completing the Debt Test

The debt test takes around 5 minutes to complete. The debt test is an online enquiry form which you complete and the system with determine which debt solutions would be best for you.

The right debt solution is based on the information you insert into the debt test. Once you have your answer you can telephone us for further help or read about your debt solutions on our How Can We Help page.

Let’s start.

Start Now

You can start now and complete your debt test. All you need is the information about you, such as:

  1. Your income
  2. Your expenditure
  3. Your debts
  4. Your assets (house, cars etc)

From this information the debt test can suggest some suitable debt solutions. The debt solutions could be a debt management plan, IVA, Trust Deed, bankruptcy or general money advice.



For full and tailored debt advice you can call Debt Support Trust on 0800 085 0226 and speak to an advisor about your debt problem.

Advice from Debt Support Trust is 100% confidential. Debt Support Trust is a registered charity helping people in debt across the UK.

If you are unsure about the debt test answer please call us and we can explain what solution the debt test suggests for you. If more than one debt solution would be applicable then the debt test will state that you have a complex debt situation and you would need to speak to a debt advisor to provide complete advice.