The feeling of being in debt is horrible. It’s all consuming, often frightening and can leave you feeling isolated and vulnerable. The truth is that resolving debts and seeking debt advice can empower you to take a positive step financially and regain control, but how do you go about taking that first important step in the right direction?

We’re often told in confidence about a debt problem – an issue family, friends or work colleagues may not even know about. This is because typically it’s easier to speak to a friendly stranger than to discuss debt problems with your nearest family and friends. The feeling of debt can become so overwhelming that just talking about the debt can make the problem seem more manageable, particularly when speaking to experienced advisors who are friendly and understanding.

Life in debt can seem lonely, but by speaking to a debt advisor about your personal and financial situation, you’re actually taking the first step. You’re sharing the problem and allowing a trained and experienced advisor to identify options you may have to become debt free again.

Often there are multiple options to resolve your debts and in those situations, our role is to give you all of the positives and negatives to each debt solution so you’re empowered to make a decision about your financial future. For instance, you could be suitable for an IVA and also a debt management plan so it would be your decision over which one you felt was right for you.

You can speak to a friendly debt advisor from our debt advice charity on 0800 085 0226 between 8am – 7pm Monday to Friday.

Debt Quote – What People Say

To help reduce the stigma of debt and open up the conversation, we’re sharing some of the most common phrases we hear at our debt advice charity onto social media. These are phrases regularly said and reflect how people feel when seeking money advice.

From worrying  about being in debt forever, through to losing assets like a house, debt can make anyone feel like their options are limited, which isn’t necessarily the reality. We hope our debt quotes can help you feel like you aren’t alone, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that there are solutions designed to help solve money worries.

We’re trusted to listen and understand debt problems and then provide helpful, pro-active advice. We’re there throughout the entire process and always in your corner. As such, our debt quotes deliberately don’t feature people’s names. These are phrases that explain just how debt makes many people feel.

If you would like to add your debt quote to explain how debt makes you feel, you can leave your quote in the comments section below.

Debt Help & Advice

If you’re ready to take the first step and seek debt advice we’re here to listen. We’ll advise you on all of your options and discuss how you could resolve difficult debt problems. You don’t have to follow any of our advice but it gives you the chance to talk through all of the options available.

If Debt Support Trust can help you today with debt and money worries, please call 0800 085 0226.