We know that debt problems occur for various reasons and that struggling to deal with complex debts can lead to increased levels of stress, issues at work and trouble maintaining relationships.

In a recent conversation with BadCredit.org we discussed how our charity has been helping people with money worries and what options exist.

The number of British people living in poverty has reached a 20 year peak, with more people 14 million people struggling to make ends meet. Rising inflation and the cost of living certainly haven’t helped, with only yesterday the cost of rail fares being increased by, on average, over 3%. Many Brits are also finding that their rate of pay hasn’t increased in line with the cost of living, which has resulted in their essential expenditures rising faster than their earnings.

With less money available to pay creditors, it can often lead people to seek debt and money advice.

How Do We Help?

As discussed in our recent article with BadCredit.org, from the very first phone call we offer a sympathetic, non-judgemental ear. Our primary focus is to understand your personal and financial situation and consider which debt solutions would help you to achieve your objectives of once again becoming debt free.

We’ve helped thousands of people out of debt and usually there are two or three options available. When this happens we’ll explain the positives and negatives of each option so that you’re informed and empowered to make a decision on your financial future.

If you would like debt advice, please contact us on 0800 085 0226 where a trained and friendly advisor will be able to help.

You can read more about our service and our interview with BadCredit.org here.