Debt Support Trust is nearing its 7th birthday and it’s left us in a reflective mood. From our research we found out that people often spend seven years accruing debt before realising they have a problem and need some advice. In our last seven years we’ve helped advise on millions of pounds worth of debt and supported tens of thousands of people to become debt free.

The advice we provide at the charity is intended to be holistic – we look at every option and provide the positives and negatives of each solution based on your unique personal and financial situation.

We aim to please

At the charity we feel privileged to help people at a difficult period in their life. Nobody ever wants to be in debt as it’s not a pleasant feeling. Consequently, we take our responsibility seriously to ensure that every debt solution is explained in detail and help you with advice to become debt free once again.

We received a lovely email today which reminds us that the advice and support we offer is valuable and that while we may never speak to the people we’ve assisted ever again, that at that moment in their life we were able to offer guidance and comfort. You can read the email below:


I am now only a couple of steps away from the end now.

I’ve been up late cleaning up my affairs (on a Friday night, party on!) and thought I’d best write to you to express my most sincere gratitude to yourself.

I’ve been ignoring my debt for years, but when I finally decided to bite the bullet, I could not have hoped for somebody like you to answer the call. I knew that I would have to pay the debt back somehow – that I could not ignore as it wasn’t technically my money to spend, but I feared that the pay-back was going to be dreadful.

What you’ve done was above and beyond the call of duty. I cannot sing your praises enough. You took an almighty weight off my shoulder and got me on the right track.

I have spent many, many years answering telephone calls in my line of work, and the service you provided was exemplary.

I do hope that management get sight of this email, it really is individuals like you that make all the difference in today’s day and age.