When debt problems occur people we help don’t want pity or sympathy, they want advice, guidance and above all else, a debt solution which will help get debts resolved.

To resolve debt worries we start by introducing our debt advisors. Our debt advice team listen to financial problems so they can provide debt solutions which can help you become free of debt. Everybody we help with debt problems receives tailored debt support.

How to Become Debt Free

There are various routes to become debt free, from debt consolidation to bankruptcy. There is always a way out of debt problems, but the best route depends on your personal and financial decisions.

Some debt solutions can help you become debt free within 1 year, while others can take 10 years, or more. The route to become debt free, which will be best for you, will depend on your financial situation. Your income and expenditure will inevitably determine how much disposable income you can afford to repay towards your debt each month.

Borrowing money and repaying that money can be easy at first, but if change happens, such as loss of employment or an over reliance on credit, then it can be impossible to repay the debt on time. When you speak to Debt Support Trust, we don’t focus solely on what you have to contractually pay but instead what you can afford to repay.

Once we understand what you can afford to repay every month and how much unsecured debt you have we discuss your assets. Your assets can include a house, car, money in your bank, stocks, shares or bonds, as well as other assets with value. We consider whether there is equity in any of your assets. Equity is the difference between the value of your asset (e.g. your house) and what’s outstanding (e.g. the mortgage). Depending on your debt solution, your property may not need to be included. Your debt advisor at Debt Support Trust will be able to explain what will happen with your debt solution.

Get Debts Resolved

The first step to resolve debt problems is to seek professional debt advice. You can speak to Debt Support Trust on 0800 085 0226. Our charity debt advisors will help you resolve your debt problems and regain control of your finances. We caringly listen to your problems and offer practical advice. You can decide whether you wish to proceed with our advice, or not.

To get debt help from Debt Support Trust, please telephone our advice line on 0800 085 0226.