An IVA is a debt solution for people with debts above £10,000 of unsecured debt to two or more creditors. Contacting an IVA helpline can be a route to enter an IVA, however it can also mean you miss out on other debt solutions, which may be more applicable.

Debt Support Trust and our UK charity advisors provide a full range of debt solutions, from general debt and money advice, through to IVAs and Bankruptcies.

Our advice team is trained to provide helpful tailored advice regarding all applicable debt solutions you could be suitable for.

IVA Helpline

When you contact an IVA helpline, that only recommends IVAs, then other debt solutions can be overlooked. Our not for profit advisors focus on empowering you to make an informed decision so you can decide which debt solution is best for you.

To do this you can complete a debt analyser to get in touch, or call 0800 085 0226.

We don’t solely focus on IVAs, although it is one option we discuss with you. There is also debt management plans and other informal arrangements. In some instances, bankruptcy is the best debt solution, which our advisors can explain too.

Some IVA helplines solely focus on IVAs when other solutions may be more appropriate. It’s our intention to ensure you get every available advice. Once you’ve received the advice you can ask your debt advisor as many questions as you wish to help you determine which debt solution is best.

The Importance of Debt Advice

There are 5 top reasons to speak to a charity before entering any debt solution, such as an IVA

  1. Confidential: We never share information with anybody else without your permission. Our telephone calls are confidential.
  2. Qualified advice: The debt advice team is trained to a high standard in debt advice and are extremely knowledgeable about debt solutions.
  3. Full range of advice: We include every available option to understand which debt solution is best. We offer you every possible option so you can decide which option is the best.
  4. Not for profit: Debt Support Trust is a charity providing debt advice on a not for profit basis.
  5. Quick: You don’t have to wait in a queue to speak to Debt Support Trust. Our debt advice team is available to help across the UK between 8am and 7pm Monday to Friday. Our debt analyser can provide online advice instantly.

Debt Helpline

Our debt advice charity helpline provides support on every debt solution including debt management, IVA and bankruptcy, among others.

You can telephone our charity helpline on 0800 085 0226, via email or with our debt analyser.

All advice is confidential and the final decision on your debt solution remains your own.