Asking for debt help is the first step in an important process of resolving debt problems. By contacting a debt advice charity, we can help you to find the debt solutions you are most applicable for. However, many people find the first step to be the hardest because of the feeling they’re giving up.

In a survey at Debt Support Trust, two of the most popular responses people felt when dealing with unresolved debt problems was guilt and the feeling they were just “giving up”. People often spend between 1 and 2 years trying to manage their debt problems before seeking debt help.


Managing Debt Before Seeking Help

Our October survey found that in order to manage unaffordable credit commitments, people were

  1. Borrowing money from friends and family to afford the credit.
  2. Balance transferring debts to get the best deal. When the balance transfers were no longer possible they sought debt help.
  3. Negotiating with creditors to try and repay the debts.

The vast majority of people we helped told us they wanted to pay back their debt but felt like they were not able to do it on their own. Accepting help is not giving up, but taking responsible action to correct problematic debt worries.

Why Use a Debt Charity?

Sometimes a problem shared is a problem halved. Just by speaking to another person about your debt problems, you can often find that they can offer a different perspective on your debts.  Especially at Debt Support Trust, our debt advisors provide honest advice on all debt solutions so you have information about each route to become debt free.

You can ask us anything about being in debt and how to rectify your money problems. We will cover questions about your assets (like a house or car), your monthly repayments to your debts, your credit file, the length of your solution, any fees or charges the solution may include and information about your employment, among other questions you may have.

Take the First Step

When you’re ready to get debt advice, our debt charity will be here to help. There’s frequently a point when a person realises they can no longer manage the debts alone and that a debt solution may be required. That length of time will vary from person to person.

When you’re ready to get debt advice, we’ll be here. You can telephone our advice team on 0800 085 0226, email us at or complete our debt test below.