It happens once a year and yet somehow we never really feel prepared. As Christmas approaches – there is only 75 days to go – we’re encouraging people to get prepared so as the cost of the festive period is spread out across a couple of months.

Saving for Christmas doesn’t have to be difficult, it can be fun! Here are some of our Christmas saving tips.

Savings Tips for Christmas

  1. Christmas Savings: You can save money on a weekly basis with the main supermarkets and their Christmas savings cards. By saving a little each time you’re in the supermarket, you can buy presents or Christmas food.
  2. Secret Santa: Whether it’s in work or with family and friends, why not consider a secret santa. Buying a present for everybody can be expensive, especially in a large office or family. A token, anonymous present so everybody receives one gift is often the best option.
  3. Buy Presents Now: You don’t have to wait until the last week before Christmas to buy your presents. You can a couple of presents now and store them away. This means the cost of buying presents is spread out and more affordable.
  4. Christmas Dinner: The cost of the Christmas dinner can be expensive so purchase your crackers, food and alcohol in advance. Food which is not perishable can be purchased now.
  5. Planning: Organisation is the key to a successful and affordable Christmas. Whether it’s buying presents and hunting around for the right present at the right price, or organising your transport in advance, planning is essential. You can save money on trains by booking in advance. When it comes to Christmas shopping, set a budget and stick to it ridgely.

Thrifty Savers

Most people are saving money for Christmas in Debt Support Trust. We’ll be sharing our best money saving ideas on the run up to Christmas, so why not tell us how you’re preparing for the festive holidays?

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