Debt and Mental Health

On the 24th of February, moneysavingexpert released a guide book on how to help those who have a mental illness and have fallen into debt. Research carried out by the website help service has shown that, 40% of people with mental health problems have either never been in debt or have only ever had limited debts, in comparison with 75% of the rest of the population.

The survey which questioned 6,700 people, highlighted that 44% of people with mental health problems have severe or crisis debts.

Founder of the, Martin Lewis said that  “We can no longer divorce how people deal with debt emotionally and how they deal with it practically. With so many suffering from mental health problems, as a nation we need to think about how we help those who, often temporarily, cannot be responsible for themselves.”


Debt Support Trust is a registered debt advice charity (SC041902) providing debt advice on a range of debt solutions including;

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