General Advice


After completing a questionnaire with one of our experienced team they will assess your needs in order to offer you the best debt advice for your specific situation. woman-confused-about-debt

Money Advice

Where a qualified debt advisor recommends general advice we will help you identify ways to ease your financial position and provide tailored support for you.

For featured Debt Advice about a specific type of debt problem please click the relevant link below -

Credit Card Debt

Store Card Debt

Debt and Divorce

Debt Support Trust can help you manage your finances and enable you to control your debt problem. One of the ways this is achieved is through our Money Manager application. Our Money Manager allows you to record your income, expenditure, assets, debts and any payments you've made to your debts in one place.

To start your Money Manager please register here.


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Debt Test

Our debt test is a unique system which can give you an answer to your debt problem in around 15 minutes, without having to speak to anybody.

Through answering a range of questions about your financial situation we can suggest solutions to your debt problem. Our qualified advisors can also help you with the pros and cons to each solution.