Debt Support Trust is a registered money advice charity helping people with their debt problems across the UK. The charity office is based in Glasgow providing the debt advice.

Debt Advice in Glasgow

There are a number of different debt advice organisations available to you with many advertising on TV, radio and in newspapers. Living in Glasgow and in need of debt advice, you have a choice to speak to a charity like Debt Support Trust or to contact a company who advertises their services.

The most important aspect of debt advice is that you are receiving the correct debt advice and have the necessary information to make an informed choice about your debts. There are many debt solutions and often people are not aware they could be applicable for more than one debt solution.

We always recommend seeking debt help from a registered charity. Debt Support Trust is a registered debt advice charity which was set up to help people with debt problems in Glasgow and across the UK.

In life there is that old saying, “everything’s easy when you know the answer”. That is also true about debt. If you need debt help to find the answer to your money problems then Debt Support Trust is here.

You can telephone 0800 085 0226 or complete a debt analyser below.

Debt Help in Glasgow

Taking it step by step, the most important step is to realise a problem exists and then seek debt advice. By contacting a registered charity like Debt Support Trust we treat everything you tell us as confidential and never share your information with anybody else without your prior permission.

We always recommend seeking advice as soon as you are aware that there is a problem, the sooner you get the advice the more options there are that may be available to you.

For some people in Glasgow, debt advice over the telephone is ideal as it can be done from the comfort of your own home with no need to face anyone. However, other people prefer face to face advice and for this we always recommend the Citizens Advice Bureau.

If you live in Glasgow and need debt help you can call Debt Support Trust on 0800 085 0226 we are open Monday to Friday 8am till 7pm.

What Happens When I Call?

When you call we will take some contact details and a brief outline of your personal and financial situation. You can provide as much or as little information as you wish, however the more you provide the more accurate our final debt advice can be. Our team is a mixture of volunteers and qualified debt advisors and nobody at the charity will judge you, we will simply provide you with debt advice on the best way forward for you.

The debt advice can vary from person to person and our qualified team may be able to advise you on benefits which you should be receiving. They may also advise you on ways to cut back expenditure.

Debt advice in Glasgow, and across Scotland, is different to debt advice across the rest of the UK. For instance, in Scotland you have debt solutions such as the Trust Deed and Debt Arranagement Scheme.

Whatever the debt advice we will explain all the pros and cons and help you with the debt solution options. To start the process and receive debt help telephone 0800 085 0226 or complete a debt test below.

Face to Face debt help Glasgow

Some people prefer face to face debt help in Glasgow and we want to help you receive this support. We would recommend the Citizens Advice Bureau for their face to face support.

You can find your local Scottish Citizens Advice Bureau office by visiting the link below: