To become debt free again is what anybody struggling to manage their credit agreements want. The freedom to know that debts are being, or have been, resolved is a weight of the shoulders. After resolving debts it’s then about fixing your credit file and repairing any damage caused.

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Fix Debt Problems and Improve Credit Rating

If you fail to pay any of your contractual obligations then it could affect your credit file. In this instance a default would be added which would last for 6 years.

A large percentage of people we help at the debt charity ask about their credit file. Most often than not, their credit file has already been impacted because of the debt problems. When you enter a debt solution and include your unsecured debt to fix your credit problems, you’re failing to maintain your financial agreement. This means your creditor can place a default onto your credit report.

Before you can improve your credit file you must resolve outstanding debt problems!

Credit fix: resolving your debts

Finding a route to resolve your debts takes an experienced debt advisor. Thankfully we have a knowledgeable debt team at Debt Support Trust that can help. Resolve your credit problems with our debt help.

You could be suitable for:

–          Token payments

–          Debt management

–          Debt arrangement scheme

–          IVA

–          Trust deed

–          Bankruptcy

To find out what debt solution you would be best suited to you should speak to one of our friendly debt team. You can telephone our charity debt advisors on 0800 085 0226.

Advice on getting debt free

Our debt help and credit fix support is available on a confidential basis. We do not share your information with anybody else. You can telephone for advice on 0800 085 0226 or email and we’ll call you back.

The debt test can also help you with solutions to debt and takes about 5 minutes to complete. The debt test can point you in the right direction towards suitable debt solutions, however you should always seek professional and free debt advice before entering any debt solution.