There are many reasons why paying a credit card bill could be a problem. The important factor is to understand why paying the credit card is a problem. Is it a short term finance problem? Or, is it a long term issue which isn’t resolving itself?

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Can’t Pay Credit Card

Your credit card is a form of unsecured credit which allows you to purchase items and pay for them when the bill comes in, either through the post or email.

When the bill arrives you have a designated amount of time to make sure the payment reaches the credit card company. If the payment doesn’t arrive on time you will be charged an additional fee. You could also lose any introductory benefits, such as a 0% interest period.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Your Credit Card?

Credit is lent by companies . If you don’t get in touch with the credit company they will initially contact you via letter and telephone. It’s their responsibility to remind you that you have to pay at least the minimum payment towards your debt each month.

If they fail to get a satisfactory response, or you miss multiple payments, you could receive letters and visits from debt collectors.

Failure to maintain your credit agreements could mean a default being added to your credit file which would last for 6 years. You cannot have this removed once it’s on your credit file before the designated 6 years, unless it was placed on their unfairly.

Short Term Credit Card Debt Problems

For some people, their credit card debt problem is a short term issue. For instance, they have become stretched beyond their financial capabilities for one month and can’t afford the payment

Some people can forget to pay their credit card because of one off events, such as a family bereavement or the credit card statement not being delivered. Usually telephoning your credit card company after the event and paying the necessary payment will be fine. The credit company may even remove their charges for the first occurrence.

Short term money problems, which are not debt related, can usually be fixed quickly. We would not recommend taking out a short term or payday loan to help pay other credit, such as your credit card. Speaking to the company you owe money to can often resolve short term money problems without high interest rates.

Long Term Credit Card Problems

If your monthly credit card repayment is being missed and it’s a long term problem (e.g. it’s not the first time) then it’s worth considering the reason for this. By understanding the reason for the missed payment you can take action to address the debt issue.

There are common reasons for long term credit card debt problems, such as,

Over – Stretched on Credit

There’s only a certain amount of money available each month. As debt repayments increase with interest and charges being added monthly, it can be difficult to repay the debts as they fall due. Multiple credit agreements and different interest charges can leave you over-stretched each month and unable to repay all of your debt. If this is the case, get debt help on 0800 085 0226.

When you can’t repay your minimum payments to all of your debt each month it can mean a debt solution is required. If you’re over-stretched then a debt solution would help you find an affordable monthly payment to repay your debt.


Another reason for long term credit card problems and being unable to pay the minimum payment is because of unemployment. Being unemployed means your monthly income will likely have reduced, however your credit liabilities will remain the same.

In this instance, our charity can give you help and advice to negotiate with your creditors to create a short term agreement so your creditors give you time to get back into employment. By resolving your debt problems you are free to then focus on getting back into work.

Credit Card Debt Solutions

There isn’t one debt solution which is suitable for credit cards, but all debt solutions take into account all unsecured debts. This means any debt solution you apply for will include all debts including overdrafts, credit cards, unpaid council tax, bank loans, payday or short term credit, gas and electricity arrears among others.

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