It’s common to worry that you’re making the wrong financial decision when it comes to debt. What one debt advisor recommends may not be the same as another, so getting a second opinion on debt advice received is a good idea.

2nd Opinion on Debt Advice

Most organisations will not ask you to part money for advice, certainly charities won’t ask you to pay for debt advice. So, getting that second opinion can really help you decide on the next step to resolve your debt problem.

There are multiple debt solutions available and different ways people can offer these solutions, for instance

  • Are there upfront fees?
  • How quickly will the solution be set up?
  • Will you have to go into another solution first?
  • How will your assets (house, car etc) be valued?

Choosing your solution to debt is step one but you then have a choice over which organisation helps you become debt free. There are plenty of organisations to choose from and we’re more than happy to help.

Should I Get A Second Opinion on Debt Advice?

It’s always recommended to get a second opinion on debt advice. Debt Support Trust helps a large number of people who have been contacted by cold calling companies who explain that debt can be written off and then the person will be debt free.

Often when this happens the individual isn’t aware of what will happen to their job, their house or if there are any other debt solutions available. So, we can then help fill in the gaps.

When deciding on the appropriate debt solution it’s essential to know all the facts so you can make an informed decision. A second opinion on debt can help determine which debt solution is going to be best and give peace of mind that the right debt solution is being chosen.

If you would like debt advice, or a second opinion on your debt situation, a Debt Support Trust advisor is on hand to help today. To speak to an advisor please telephone 0800 085 0226.