Debt problems can make people feel like they are alone and with no idea where to turn, however, Debt Support Trust is a charity which exists to support people who need help with debt.

After a 15 minute conversation with one of our advisors you will realise that there are solutions to your debt problem and you can become debt free again. For some people becoming debt free will take a matter of months, but for others it may take years. The important point is that you’re taking steps to manage your debt and getting the necessary support and help with debt you need.

All conversations with anybody at Debt Support Trust is confidential.

Help with Debt

The first stage of any debt problem is realising there is an issue. Whether you’ve used all your credit, a payday loan is due to be repaid and you can’t afford it or your credit card statement has just arrived, you can take the first step today to becoming debt free.

The help that can be offered for a debt problem will depend on the level of debt and the other financial circumstances. A £100 debt can be as difficult to manage as a £60,000 debt if the person is on benefits or has very little disposable income. We never judge the situation based on the level of debt – it’s about finding a long term solution to a financial problem.

Problems Becoming debt free

You may have tried other debt solutions in the past and failed to clear the debt. Commonly, we help people who have entered a debt solution, such as a debt management plan, but ended up in more debt than when they started.

There are various routes to become debt free so if you’re having problems becoming debt free speak to a charity which can help.

Help with a Debt Solution

Becoming debt free doesn’t always require a debt solution. At times, simple steps and advice can make all the difference. Our trained experts will guide you through the process of resolving your debt should negotiating with creditors be the best option.

In other instances a debt solution is essential to help freeze interest and charges and create an affordable repayment plan. Most debt solutions will help you make one affordable monthly payment towards all of your creditors. Some debt solutions can even freeze interest and charges to help with debt problems.

There are positives and negatives to every debt solution and these should always be explained fully and considered before entering any debt solution.

If you would like honest debt advice to help you become debt free then speak to Debt Support Trust today on 0800 085 0226.