Council tax is a priority debt, which means it’s important to make this payment on time. However, that’s often easier said than done, especially if you have other debts such as payday loans, credit cards, overdrafts etc.

So, if you need help with council tax debt problems then Debt Support Trust can help. We’re a registered debt advice charity providing complete debt advice on a range of debt problems, from council tax debt through to credit and store cards.

I’ve not paid my council tax

If you have not paid your council tax bill then often the first stage is for the council to involve the bailiffs. The bailiffs will contact you via letter to request the money. If you fail to contact the bailiff they may then visit your property.

My council tax debt is at court

If you owe the council money for council tax then they may proceed to court if they cannot retrieve the money. At this stage they will apply to the magistrates’ court for a liability order.  You can attend the court to explain the situation, if you wish. You will be responsible for the costs for the liability order which is £40.

The council proceed to court to obtain the liability order because it means they can then recover the money they are owed.

The bailiffs are involved with my council tax debt, what can I do?

If the bailiffs are already involved with your council tax debt then you can seek help from Debt Support Trust. One of our reliable debt advisors will discuss your case and provide tailored advice.

Bailiffs will contact you first before proceeding to court. The bailiff will want you to pay a reasonable sum of money towards the debt each month. You can negotiate with the bailiff to make a payment plan. Failure to maintain the payment plan will mean the bailiff will be back in touch.

Other ways council tax debt can be recovered

Council tax debt can also be recovered via a number of other methods. One route which is often used is via an attachment of earnings. This is where the council arrange to take the money owed directly from your salary. An attachment of benefit would see the money taken directly from your benefits.

The council can also place charging orders against your property or even make you bankrupt if the debt is large enough. In extreme circumstances  you can be sent to prison.

Are you getting discounts off your council tax bill?

Your council tax bill can be reduced depending if you qualify for one of the reductions. These discounts off your council tax include:

  1. Single person’s discount: You can get 25% off the cost of your council tax bill if only one person lives in the property over the age of 18.
  2. If your property has been adapted because of a disability you may be entitled to a discount.
  3. If you are part of a Government transitional reduction scheme.

Help With Council Tax Debts

For confidential help with council tax debts you should speak to Debt Support Trust on 0800 085 0226. Our advice is available via the telephone and internet from 8am -7pm Monday to Friday.

If you have other debt too then you can complete our online debt analyser and receive immediate help 24/7.