Our charity is a telephone and internet based support service which operates across the UK, Monday to Friday 8am – 7pm.

You can get immediate debt help online via our debt analyser and receive a follow up telephone call from one of our expert debt people.

Debt Support Trust comprises predominantly of volunteers and supporters who wish to help provide a high quality standard of debt advice. The volunteer who records your information will be very friendly, sympathetic and supportive to help resolve your debt problem. The debt people who provide our debt advice are experienced and able to explain fully every debt solution you would be applicable for.

Our Debt People

The debt people in our charity have spent years training to provide debt advice. We provide constant training and updates as legislation and rules change. The advice is instant from Debt Support Trust. If you call us today we will be here to help take you call. After completing an income and expenditure we will be able to give you debt advice there and then.

The people at Debt Support Trust dispensing the debt advice have a variety of backgrounds and a wide range of experience. The primary purpose for providing the advice is to help you become debt free.

Confidentiality in Debt Advice

At Debt Support Trust confidentiality is extremely important. Any information we gather is stored safely within our password protected database. The information is not sold, distributed or shared with anybody without your permission.

Everything you discuss on the telephone with our debt people is recorded, but again this is for training and monitoring purposes and will never be shared.

How do the Debt People Decide on the Right Debt Advice?

When we decide on the appropriate debt advice for you it’s essential our debt people do so with great care. Our debt specialists have to consider the impact of the debt solution on your assets, such as your house and cars.

We also think about whether it’s going to be practical long term to complete the debt solution, so as there is a definitive ‘light at the end of the tunnel’.

There are plenty of debt solutions available and depending on your circumstances, we will explain all of the suitable debt solutions. To speak to a debt expert from Debt Support Trust please call us on 0800 085 0226 or complete our debt analyser.