The Co-operative bank has decided to withdraw its free bank account, the cashminder account, for people who are bankrupt.

The Co-operative bank account was one of two bank accounts available for people who were bankrupt. It was a free banking service which offered the standard online and telephone banking facilities. Most other banks would refuse anybody who was currently bankrupt a bank account.

Barclays is the only bank providing a standard bank account now.

In the past the only reason a person would not get a bank account with Co-Op or Barclays would be if they had a record of fraud.

When entering bankruptcy a person requires a fresh bank account with a creditor they don’t owe money to. This means switching bank if necessary. However, the Co-Operative has stated they will no longer accept people who are bankrupt for their basic cashminder account.

What Happens If I Have A Co-Op Bank Account?

If you currently bank with the Co-Op and don’t owe them any money then you will be able to retain this bank account. If you recently applied for a Co-op bank account with the intention of entering an insolvency solution, like bankruptcy, then you will be asked to find alternative banking arrangements within 30 days.

The Co-Operative has stated that they are unfairly supporting the free banking industry for all, while other banks are refusing to help the most indebted individuals receive free banking help.

30% of the 330,000 Co-Op cashminder customers have been through an insolvency solution.

How Do Bankrupt People Bank?

Owning a bank account is essential in today’s society. We need bank accounts to pay for shopping, receive our wages and for monthly direct debits.

People who are bankrupt and cannot get a free bank account are being forced to pay for a bank account. This can cost £20 per month, or a fee for every time money is withdrawn.

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