We often receive very kind letters and telephone calls from people who were at first distraught about their debt situation, but had taken our advice and sorted out their money worries.

One woman who contacted us at the start of July was struggling to negotiate with her creditors. She contacted Debt Support Trust to ask for some advice as she was unsure how to proceed. The company wanted £100 per month and she couldn’t afford it because she was struggling to find a job.

A Debt Support Trust advisor gathered some information and gave advice and support to help get the situation sorted. The creditor which was proving to be the most difficult was a catalogue debt, but after 6 weeks they have agreed to reduce the payment they requested from £100 per month to £5.

Telephone Call After Debt Advice

After providing the advice we like to follow up and make sure everything was satisfactory and people are not left on their own with their problems. The client was happy with our support and was waiting to hear back from her creditors.

We received a telephone call today to thank the people at Debt Support Trust for their support.

Stuart Carmichael, Chief Executive at Debt Support Trust said: “We appreciate receiving a thank you from a client we’ve helped. The volunteers and advisors at Debt Support Trust work very hard to look after everyone in debt and provide accurate and timely advice.

This client stood out to us because of the phrases she used to describe her problem. She said she was in a ‘whirlpool of mess’ which we managed to help her resolve.”

Anybody looking for debt advice should contact a registered debt advice charity, such as the Citizens Advice Bureau or Debt Support Trust on 0800 085 0226.