Everyday people telephone our charity, Debt Support Trust, asking for help to become debt free. The process will be different for every person. It will depend on a person’s level of debt, what assets they own and how much they can afford, if anything, to repay towards their debt.

However, the positive news is that there is always a way to become debt free and live a life without personal debt problems.

Becoming debt free

The good news is you’ve already taken the first step to becoming debt free. You are on the website of Debt Support Trust, a registered debt advice charity, helping people across the UK.

You may have found our website from your local council, the Direct.gov website, your local NHS or via a number of other means. Whatever way you heard about Debt Support Trust, you’ve taken the first step and are reading about the solutions to debt.

Clearing my debt

Nobody ever wants to get into a debt problem. Often it advances month on month until the problem is too large to deal with anymore.

So, what we do at Debt Support Trust is understand a little about your situation. Are you married? Do you have children? Are you working? These are all important questions for our helpful debt advisors to guide you through the available debt solutions.

Once we understand a little about your personal and financial situation we can tell you exactly what solutions you are suitable for. Usually we can provide an exact length of time until you will be debt free. This is because most debt solutions are a fixed period of time. For the debt solutions which are not a fixed length of time, we will give you an estimated date of when you will be debt free.

Free of Debt at last

To finally get free of debt and get your finances on track you can take a positive step today. Speak to a registered authorised debt advice charity. There are plenty to choose from.

If you would prefer face to face advice, then your local Citizens Advice Bureau can offer expert help. If you would prefer telephone or internet based help then a friendly Debt Support Trust advisor would be happy to help you.

To start the process with Debt Support Trust you can:

Telephone: 0800 085 0226

Email: contact@debtsupporttrust.org.uk

Debt analyser: Complete a debt analyser and we will call you back if you so wish,

We exist at Debt Support Trust to help people to become debt free. It’s never enjoyable worrying about debt, so take a positive step today and get debt free by speaking to a debt advice charity.