From time to time we speak to people who say they would prefer face to face debt advice and could we provide this service. At Debt Support Trust our charity is only able to offer telephone and internet based debt advice.

However, at Debt Support Trust we do recommend that if people prefer face to face advice that they speak to their local Citizens Advice Bureau. The Citizens Advice Bureau is a fantastic local resource supporting people who need face to face debt help.

For-Profit Debt Advice

At Debt Support Trust we spoke with a gentleman this morning who paid almost £2,000 on debt advice with a for-profit company. Many for profit companies will not charge you for debt advice but they will for the debt solution.

There are free debt advice charities which can support you with face to face debt advice, such as the Citizens Advice Bureau or potentially your local council.

If you decide to pay for debt advice be sure to find out

– What level of support are you receiving?

– What will the company provide for the money charged?

– If you need a face to face company which charges or could you attend the Citizens Advice Bureau?

– What is the total cost and how will you be asked to make payment (are there up front fees?)

– Could free telephone debt advice be more appropriate?

Seeking Debt Advice

It’s important to seek debt advice if you are struggling to manage your finances and there are plenty of free advice organisations to choose from, whether you want face to face or telephone based debt advice.

For telephone debt advice Debt Support Trust would gladly help you. For face to face debt advice you can seek local free debt advice organisations. If you are having trouble finding a free debt advice agency in your local area for face to face advice Debt Support Trust will be glad to help you. You can telephone Debt Support Trust on 0800 085 0226.