The third annual “Priorities of Life” index from Scottish Widows revealed that 16% of the UK population have no money left over after they have paid out their essential expenditure.

8.2 million people have no disposable income after paying their living costs, food and unsecured credit commitments. Another 9.8 million people are left with less than £50 at then of the month.

The survey uncovered interesting facts and statistics about the financial situation people face today. Rising fuel costs, food and utility bills are taking its toll on the average consumers’ finances and ultimately it’s leaving less money in the pockets of 18million Brits.

Almost 30% of the survey admitted they have changed their spending habits which have included cutting back on their luxuries such as holidays. 29% also confirmed they had stopped saving money too.

Debt Help

People struggling to make ends meet every month and with debt problems should seek professional debt advice from a debt advice charity. If you would prefer face to face debt advice then your local Citizens Advice Bureau should be able to help.

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There are various options available for people struggling to manage their debt. The correct debt advice will depend on your personal and financial situation. For accurate debt help you should speak with a qualified debt advisor who can explain the range of debt options available to you.

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