If you live in Scotland and are facing debt problems you may have heard about a debt solution called a Trust Deed. It can be difficult to find a Trust Deed expert, however at Debt Support Trust we provide you with caring and friendly debt help to ensure you are receiving the best quality support.

Debt Support Trust is a registered charity. We review your income and expenditure and provide you with all available debt solutions to help you make an informed decision about your debt problem. There are a lot of companies advertising their Trust Deed expert services on TV but speaking to a debt advice charity can help you decide if it’s really for you.

You should be careful when thinking about a Trust Deed as it takes into account things like any equity within your home or the value of any other assets.

Whilst a Trust Deed is one solution you may be applicable for, you want to ensure you are given all applicable debt solutions. Our advisors can provide expert trust deed advice if it is suitable for you, whilst also providing all other debt solutions too. When you contact Debt Support Trust we will explain how long a debt solution will last, what it means for your credit rating, what would happen to any assets and how much you would need to pay towards your debt each month. Usually with a Trust Deed you will be able to retain your property as long as you maintain payments to the mortgage.

Trust Deed expert TV

An increasing number of companies are advertising on TV as Trust Deed experts. It’s important when deciding on a debt solution company that:

  • They provide a full range of debt advice
  • They have a consumer credit licence to provide debt advice
  • You find out how they will make their money to provide the service (i.e. will it come from you?)
  • If they are a charity they have a charity registration number. The Debt Support Trust charity registration number is SC387356.

There are around 7,000 people entering a Trust Deed in Scotland every year. It’s a popular route for people in debt to become debt free. People and TV advertising often refer to the Trust Deed as a debt solution where you can write off debt. A Trust Deed will help you pay an affordable amount towards your debt each month, usually for 4 years, with any remaining debt and interest/ charges being cleared at the end of the debt solution.

What is a Trust Deed?

A Trust Deed is a debt solution for people unable to meet their minimum contribution towards their debt each month. The Trust Deed takes into account.

You should not enter this debt solution lightly as it does impact your credit rating and any equity within your house and other assets may be realised. As a debt advice charity, Debt Support Trust is an expert in debt solutions, including a Trust Deed, so you can ask us anything about the solution. For more information about Trust Deeds visit our Protected Trust Deed page.

Check if a Trust Deed is suitable for you

There are lots of debt solutions available and you may be applicable for a couple debt solutions. It’s important you receive the pros and cons to each of these solutions to help you make an informed and knowledgeable decision on your debt solution. If you are suitable for a Trust Deed then our experts can provide you with advice on the solution.

You can check if you would be suitable for a Trust Deed by taking the debt test here.

Alternatively, call and speak to one of our friendly, supportive advisors today on 0800 085 0226.