TUC claim tougher times ahead in the coming year for jobseekers

The TUC are warning that ongoing cuts within public spending are set to make the chances of gaining employment “much worse”.

Their statement comes ahead of the latest unemployment figures due to be released today .The TUC said redundancies within local authorities, NHS and other areas in the public sector will have a severe impact on local economies. The think tank IPPR North have also revealed that in certain parts of the UK up to 20 people are chasing each vacancy with Northern Ireland and the North East likely to have the worst impact from job losses in the public sector.

The TUC forecast that Northern Ireland could be set to face losing 26,000 jobs which is 3.2% of the regions total with the North East losing a potential 32,600 jobs translating to a 2.9% reduction in employment.

The latest predictions from the TUC estimate the least affected regions are likely to be the South East and East of England where a 1.9% drop in public sector jobs per region is forecast.

Ahead of the latest unemployment figures being released today analysts are predicting a further increase to last month’s 2.6 million unemployed in the UK.

The worst affected areas in the UK are West Dunbartonshire where there are 20 jobseekers for each vacancy; this is followed by Clackmannanshire with 19 jobseekers per vacancy. East Ayrshire, North Ayrshire, Hartlepool, Blaenau Gwent, Lewisham, Gravesend and the Isle of Wight all had 16 jobseekers chasing each vacancy. Other hotspot areas include some seaside towns South Wales, and the West of Scotland according to the IPPR North report.

The difference in some parts of country is startling, the City of London Cambridge, Crawley, Daventry, South Bucks, and North Warwickshire recorded one or no jobseekers per vacancy.

In a statement from director of IPPR North Ed Cox he said: “The Government’s youth policy is a step in the right direction to help tackle the unemployment problem but more needs to be done to help the areas of the UK where people are really struggling to find work. The Government should guarantee a job for everyone who has been unemployed for more than a year at the minimum wage, targeted at the worst affected areas first but then rolled out everywhere”

From the Chartered Institute of personnel and Development, their chief economic advisor, John Philpot has forecast unemployment will not drop below 2.5 million before 2016 at the earliest, peaking at 2.9 million on 2013. He also predicts unemployment in the UK’s jobless rate will climb to 8.8% by the end of 2013 with the ongoing cuts to the public sector contributing to the figures.

Latest Statistics
The latest statistics show that 2.68million people are unemployed which is a 17 year high. Unemployment rose 118,000 between September and November.

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