Free Experian CreditExpert Report For Debt
Do you ever wonder what’s on your credit file? Is my credit file accurate? or How can I improve my credit file?

There are ways you can check your credit expert file for free. View your Experian credit report online for free

Who records my credit file?
There are three main credit referencing agencies who record credit files. These agencies are Experian, Equifax and Call Credit. The credit referencing agencies hold a consumer credit licence. Experian has been in in existence since 1980.

Why would I want to check my credit file?
There are many reasons why you would want to check your consumer credit file. Perhaps you have been rejected for credit? You may wish to check your file is accurate before you apply for credit? You could be entering into a debt solution and require an up to date account of your debts or any number of reasons.

What is a credit report?
A credit report is a summary of the outstanding credit you have, the company you have it with and the outstanding balance (if any). The Experian credit report will also give you a credit score.

Credit file and debt?
If you enter a debt solution usually your credit file will be affected, if it has not already been impacted. A Debt Management Plan will register a default against your credit file because you are not repaying the full contractual amount each month.

An IVA in England, Wales and Northern Ireland or Protected Trust Deed Scotland will be recorded against your credit file, as will a Bankruptcy or Sequestration.

Who is Experian?
Experian is one of the largest credit referencing agencies in the world. Experian is operating across 80 different countries as a data company. Experian also specialise in protecting people’s identity. Experian has been voted the UKs most trusted credit monitoring service. Experian provide the CreditExpert service.

What is an Experian credit score?
The Experian credit report is free for 30 days and allows you to get your credit score which is a number between 0 and 999. The image below shows the credit scoring for the Experian credit score.

What happens if my credit file is wrong?

If your credit file is wrong you can write to your credit reference agency and ask them to update your details.

Tips to improve your credit rating?

Experian has published tips to improve your credit rating. These include;

  • Check your credit file. By ensuring your credit file is accurate you are more likely to get credit when making an application.
  • Pay on time. Minimise the chances of your creditors rejecting your application by paying your current creditors on time. When you apply for credit the agency will determine whether you are overstretched already or whether you are capable of meeting further unsecured debt payments.
  • Unused accounts. Most people have a credit card or other source of credit where the card has been cut up but the account is still active. Check your credit file and cancel all unused credit.
  • Register to vote. Being on the electoral list can play a large part in whether you are given credit. By being registered on the electoral list you can improve your chances of credit being accepted.

View your Experian credit report online for free

After the Experian credit trial?

After you have used your Experian credit trial for 30 days you can choose to cancel access to the Experian trial or continue to use the service by paying a monthly fee.

Debt Support Trust Credit Trial

A colleague at Debt Support Trust tested the Experian credit report to understand the value of using this free credit service. After 5 minutes of recording personal details and the residential address (and previous addresses) we received a credit report with a credit number. The report highlighted credit which had been on the account for some years but the person did not know it was still listed. The first thing he did was contact Experian to clean his credit file up.