OFT Could Stop Debt Companies Social Networking

The Office of Fair Trading could ban debt compnies from being on Facebook or Twitter because they feel it may not be “appropriate”.

Along with stopping debt companies from using social media they are also considering banning companies from advertising with Google.

The consideration has been recieved with some disapporval, Will Critchlow, founder of search marketing group Distilled, said: “This does seem a little crazy. Consumers will have searched for these services deliberately. To deny them access to online advertising while exposing them to the free results does not seem to make any sense. Surely, if you want to ban these companies from one form of advertising you should ban them from all forms of advertising. Otherwise, there is no logic to it.”

A spokeperson for Debt Support Trust said; “The minority of debt companies deceiving customers looking for debt help should be specifically targetted – a one size fits all approach isn’t the answer. People can mis-sell debt solutions on TV, radio or in newspapers.

Debt Support Trust is fully behind the OFT’s proposal to stop rogue debt companies, however it’s unfair to ‘tar every company with the same brush’.”

Debt Support Trust doesn’t advertise on Google although we have a Facebook account and a Twitter page.


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