Riot Insurance – Who Is Covered

London has now seen 4 nights of rioting and many businesses as well as homes have been damaged by fire, vandalism and looting.

Many people are now wonder if they are insured and what procedures they need to take in order to claim back damages.

We have listed important information which people need to know in order to make a claim for insurance even if they are uninsured.

  1. Lodge a claim with police within 14 days – A 125 year law means that police are responsible for any damage during a riot.
  2. Uninsured, still covered for damage? – If someone is uninsured they can still make a claim for the damage to be paid for but businesses will not get money for their business being closed.
  3. Business Interruption period – If a business has had to close due to the riots then it is the job of insurance to pay for this period. (so long as the business has valid insurance)


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