Money Manager Tool – Live On Debt Support Trust

Debt Support Trust has launched a Money Manager Tool which could help people organise their money.

The new online finance monitor will record a person’s income and expenditure as well as their debts. The graphs then detail how much money is available each month and exactly where money is being spent.

The Money Manager can help people keep up to date with their finances and enable them to manage their money more effective.

The benefits of the Money Manager tool are;

Some of the benefits of recording your money details with Debt Support Trust are

  1. You can review and assess your finances.
  2. You are able to better understand where money is being spent and therefore where money can be saved.
  3. You can closely monitor the amount of unsecured debt you have and the pattern of your repayments.
  4. Because you are monitoring your finances you are more likely to foresee a debt problem arising and can be more proactive in resolving the situation.
  5. If you are already in debt, you can use your Money Manager to monitor the progress you are making in repaying your debts.

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