Debt Management – Debt Charity vs For Profit – Debt Calculator

The new debt calculator on the Debt Support Trust website contrasts the difference between debt management plans administered by a for profit debt management company and a debt management charity.

As stated today by Lesley Campbell in the Daily Record, the new debt calculator will show people how much it will cost for a debt management plan via a for profit company compared with a not for profit charity. This online debt management calculator will also compare the time taken to organise and complete a debt management plan.

Our new debt management calculator can be found here. The debt management calculator will not advise you if a debt management plan is the correct advice, so you may wish to complete a debt analyser form first. Alternatively you can receive debt advice from our debt advisors on 0800 085 0226.

Debt Support Trust does not offer debt management plans. If we recommend a debt management plan to be the right solution and you wish to proceed, we will direct you towards a not for profit debt management charity.


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