Debt Support Trust was established to provide debt advice for people requiring debt help. The charity is predominantely supported by volunteers, however our employed team ensure our charity advice is accurate and meets the highest standards for debt advice.

In order for Debt Support Trust to operate we require support and funding from external people and organisations. Debt Support Trust receives funding in the form of donations and grants to provide our money advice service. This funding is provided by organisations and people wishing to support the values and service offered by Debt Support Trust. Donations come from various sources including accountancy firms, debt collection companies, insolvency agencies and people we’ve helped out of debt and wish to contribute (although this is not necessary for service users to pay us money). We are always grateful for new donations to help support our debt advice charity.

Donating to Debt Support Trust

If you would like to donate money to Debt Support Trust you can do this anonymously by sending an enquiry email to We will be able to send you information on donating to Debt Support Trust.

Alternatively, you can speak to us by telephone on 0800 085 0226.