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In debt how do i get a credit card

There are lots of different 0% credit cards available, but if your credit rating has multiple defaults then you could struggle to get the best deals.

At Debt Support Trust we understand that one way of reducing your monthly payments and being able to pay your debt off quicker is to obtain a 0% credit card.

However we rarely recommend taking out more debt when you are having financial problems. Often we advise that taking out more debt can simply make the situation worse. Instead, we encourage people to look at the root cause of the problem.

If you feel you are able to manage your debt and you are looking for a credit card to spend on, you can get one where you can avoid paying any interest for up to 15 months on the purchases you make.

If you are able to manage your debt and you want to balance transfer from an existing credit card you could benefit from an interest free period of up to 22 months.

As great as these deals are, many people are excluded from them as their credit score is not high enough.

When assessing an application, credit card providers run a check on the individuals credit file. You must pass this in order to be eligible for some of the leading credit card offers.

If you have missed payments on credit in the past you may find the best deals are unavailable for you. That does not mean people with poor credit rating won't get credit, they will, it will just have a larger interest rate as the risk of lending money to people with poor credit history grows.

We always recommend looking around for the best deals as there are many different offers out there.

However if you are struggling with debt more credit is not the answer.

For debt advice and support on dealing with debt call Debt Support Trust on 0800 085 0226. There are multiple debt solutions available if you are struggling to manage your finances. Many debt solutions will enable you to freeze interest and charges however a default would be added to your credit file too.

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