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I'm In Debt, Will I Go To Jail?

Debt Support Trust is a debt help charity which you can call for advice on 0800 085 0226. This is a very common question and the answer is slightly more complex than yes or no.

The facts are you cannot go to jail for simply being in debt. However, if you have a court order against you and you are asked to pay back a certain amount then you must adhere to this, or they could jail you on the grounds of breaking the agreement from the court.

You can't go to jail for being in debt! Fact. If you have debt - get help. Call our friendly advisors on 0800 085 0226.

So, When Do People Go To Jail?

Being in debt is not a crime, however acting fraudulently is. For instance, if you deliberately claim for benefits that you are not legally entitled or if you took out credit with no intention of paying it back.

If you legally obtained credit cards, loans, utility bills, store cards and other types of debt that were applied for honestly then it's a civil matter and you cannot go to prison, even if you refuse to pay them.

The only way you could face prison is if you deliberately disobey certain court orders. One in particular is if a bailiff has been unsuccessful in seizing goods and creditors then use other means to enforce collection such as an attachment of earnings order. If you deliberately and persistently refuse to co operate with the county courts in these matter you can be arrested and sent to prison for up to 14 days.

The prison sentence will not be for non-payment of the debt, but will be for the offence of failing to follow the court's order in regard to the debts.

If you go bankrupt you cannot go to prison. You cannot be sent to prison as part of the process if you go bankrupt. There is a type of bankruptcy called "criminal bankruptcy" but this is very rare. If you go bankrupt as a direct result of reckless activities such as hazardous overspending and gambling, in cases such as this you may be subject to a certain restrictions called a "bankruptcy restriction order". If you break this order it is a criminal offence and you may receive a custodial sentence.

You cannot be sent to prison for not paying your council tax. Most councils will try to negotiate a settlement before taking court action. They would rather not take people to court, however if you are ordered to pay the debt by a court and refuse you could face inprisonment.

If you are having any problems with your debt or want to discuss any issues please do not hesitate to contact Debt Support Trust for debt help on 0800 085 0226.

Debt Solutions to Avoid Jail

There are numerous debt solutions to help you with your debt problem so you don't have to worry about jail. It's always best to proactively seek help and deal with your debt before it becomes an issue for the courts.

The correct debt advice will depend on your debt situation, for instance, how much you owe, are you in employment and can you pay anything towards your debts? It's best to contact Debt Support Trust and speak to a friendly advisor about your debt who can guide you on the available debt solutions for your specific circumstances.

Debt Help Court Action

If you have court action against you and need debt help you can contact Debt Support Trust by telephoning 0800 085 0226 or completing our confidential debt test below.


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