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Debt, Divorced and with Kids/ Children

Unfortunately for many people in unhappy marriages it is easier to stay, than to go this is a sad fact of our modern world and is yet another sad fact from the result of the credit crunch.

Debt Help Divorced

For debt help when you are divorced or separated you can call Debt Support Trust on 0800 085 0226 or complete our debt analyser.

Divorced in Debt

When property was booming we all relied on the equity on our homes as our nest egg but for so many now this is not the case. When we are faced with the harsh reality of staying in a loveless marriage or fending for ourselves in the big bad world many people opt to stay, this can lead to a life of misery but what option do we have?

The possibility of selling the house and splitting the equity has got a lot harder; no longer do houses sell in a month and what equity you had 4 years ago may not be the same as what you have now. Even if you manage this, there is the prospect of having to purchase a smaller home and paying all the fees that come along with that - this will soon eat in to your money. There is also the frightening prospect that the lifestyle you have lived for so long will no longer be able to be maintained the world on your own can seem like a lonely place.

When you have spent your life keeping up with the' Jones' the thought that they will know not all was perfect can destroy your self esteem. Yes for many staying put and saying nothing can seem like the best option.

But you deserve a better life don't you! Don't we all! This is the twenty first century this is modern times who cares what other people think. Yes financially it will be hard but you will get through it, you just need to stop spending extravagantly, watch what you buy, don't buy what you don't need and shop around for better deals the best rule is only pay what you can afford avoid getting into more debt where possible.

The chances are once you have made the decision you will never look back and find happiness within yourself you never dreamt possible yes it won't be easy, yes you may not be surrounded by all the luxuries you are used to. But you will have something you probably have not had for a long time and that is happiness! Some things just cannot be bought.

Debt Advice: Debt, Divorced and with Children

For people who are in debt, divorced and with children you can resolve your debt problems by speaking to a debt advice charity. Debt Support Trust provides confidential telephone based debt advice on 0800 085 0226.

There are lots of debt solutions available and you can explore these by visiting the Debt Help page here.

Please click the debt and divorced link for more information about what being in debt and separated / divorced can mean for you.

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