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Glasgow City Debt Advice


"Glasgow City" providing debt advice

It's been revealed that a for profit debt advice company is telephoning people in Glasgow and offering Protected Trust Deeds as "Glasgow City".

The cold-calling firm is introducing their service as "Glasgow City" despite being known as another name. The tactic which is presumed to mislead consumers in debt has been reported from a variety of sources.

Glasgow City Debt Advice

Mistaking "Glasgow City" with "Glasgow City Council" is understandable. This ploy automatically gains an element of trust for the caller on the other end of the telephone to enable them to make a sale.

Opportunistic companies seeking indebted individuals for the benefit of their balance sheet are not only providing unethical, misleading debt advice - they are in fact breaking the rules.  The information which is bought by a data organisation will not come directly from Glasgow City Council.

David from Baillieston, Glasgow said; "Glasgow City called me out of the blue and said 'We know you have debt and we want to help you'. I thought it was Glasgow City Council so I gave them my information. Afterwards, I asked about Glasgow City Council and if they were telephoning everybody, this is where I was told they weren't actually Glasgow City Council but Glasgow City. I hung the phone up straight away."

David decided to telephone a debt advice charity to share his experience and seek debt help. "Glasgow City" continues to telephone people who are in debt and offer to provide them with debt solutions such as a protected trust deed or debt management plan. Debt advice should include a complete income and expenditure and review your assets and liabilities. As an increasing level of people seek debt help it's important to review the organisations capable of providing honest, high quality advice.

Glasgow City Council does provide money advice but they will not cold-call you to offer and help with your debt problems. Click here for Debt Advice in Glasgow.

Debt Advice Tips

Our debt advice tips include;

-          When speaking to a debt advice company / charity always ask upfront what they will do to help you

-          Ensure your data and information is safe and confidential

-          Find out how they make their money to provide the service

-          Ask if they have a consumer credit licence. If the company does not then they are not licenced to provide debt advice. You may wish to check this on the Office of Fair Trading website

These tips can help you when speaking to any debt advice organisation. If you don't receive the answers you would expect then consider whether you would want to provide further information.

Accurate Debt Advice

Receiving accurate debt advice can often be a challenge, however we would always recommend speaking with a not for profit charity. If you would prefer face to face debt advice we would recommend the Citizens Advice Bureau. For telephone advice you can contact Debt Support Trust on 0800 085 0226.

There are a number of debt solutions which may provide you with advice and support. These debt solutions can be found on our How Can We Help page.

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