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Latest Survey Show More People Than Ever Living On The Edge

A survey released today by Netmums details the conditions many families are finding themselves living in Austerity Britain 2012.

In a survey of over 2000 members, an alarming 70% are living "on the edge" of surviving, with many families teetering on the edge of poverty.

Within the study nearly two thirds of families have less household income this year compared to last, with over 60% of people surveyed short of money every week. 200 families require an extra £20 per week to make ends meet; over 330 families need £50 with 100 in need of £100 each week to cover their costs.


Living On The Edge: The Statistics

The study also revealed over half the families surveyed (over 1000 families) admitted they were living on the edge. Those families who find themselves in this position are called 'Ledgers' meaning it would only take one more increase in expenditure or a decrease in income for them to experience hardship.

A real concern is a further 15% of people said they had become desperate with debts piling up. One in 33 of those surveyed stated they felt 'suicidal' and 'unable to cope' with the pressures of their circumstances and cannot see how their financial position will improve. On a survey of over 2000 people this equates to over 60 people who feel so desperate about their circumstances they feel suicidal.

If the figure of one in 33 people feeling suicidal due to their financial situation was expressed across the UK population it would mean over 2 million people were feeling 'suicidal' and 'unable to cope'.

The survey also produced alarming statistics detailing how many families are covering income shortfalls of everyday living.

Nearly a third of those surveyed have borrowed from friends and family, a quarter are living on credit cards, with one in 20 having taken out a bank loan to cover everyday living.

As typical lines of credit dry up a worrying trend has also developed with 5% of those surveyed taking out regular payday loans to make ends meet, while one in 100 admitted to resorting to loan sharks and illegal lenders.

The figures revealed in the latest survey are deeply worrying. With no visible improvement forecast in the foreseeable future it is imperative families maximise any benefits they may be entitled to, ensure they are getting the cheapest deals available from utility companies etc in addition to seeking debt advice as quickly as possible.

Need Money Advice

There are many trustworthy debt advice organisations such as Citizens Advice Bureau for face to face advice or charities such as Debt Support Trust who can offer immediate telephone and internet advice.

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