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Getting Debt Advice

Getting debt advice is something people often do once they have exhausted all other options, including borrowing from friends and family and getting further credit.

While entering a debt solution may not always be the best solution, it is always advisable to seek advice to confirm the most suitable route forward.

The most common statement we hear from the people we help at Debt Support Trust is "I feel better after speaking to you" and that applies to people who enter a solution or simply get money advice.

A charity advisor helping you to deal with a debt problem will lift the weight and burden, which will likely have been on your shoulders for a long period of time.

A previous caller to the charity said they were in the process of having their property repossessed, something which could have been resolved with a debt solution 3 months earlier.

When To Get Debt Advice

The ideal time to get debt advice is when someone realises they are going to default on their financial obligations or immediately after. This allows the problem to be resolved quickly and often without the need to enter a debt solution.

The fear of dealing with debt can often be worse than the actual prospect of taking the first step - it's why we often hear "I got the best night's sleep in years after speaking with you". After seeking debt advice people often feel better about their financial situation, which is why we urge people not to deal with debt alone.

Getting debt advice early can help alleviate the stress which can grow and lead to more serious health concerns in the future. Debt Support Trust charity Trustee, Stuart Carmichael said,

"Rarely does anybody WANT to contact Debt Support Trust, they do so because they NEED to. People often worry about their debt problem for a year before taking steps to address the underlying issues. We never judge people and our advice team will give people the options appropriate for each individual person so they can once again be debt free."


Get Debt Advice Today

If you are struggling with a debt problem or think you will soon default on a contractual payment, contact Debt Support Trust on 0800 085 0226. Alternatively you can complete our online debt test.

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