When you need debt help you want to speak to somebody who understands what you are going through, somebody who cares and has the expertise to provide tailored expert debt advice.

Debt Help and Support


Debt Support Trust is a not-for-profit debt advice charity with trained, friendly debt advisors who can advise you on suitable debt solutions. We are a national debt advice charity helping people across the UK. Whether you live in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, we can help you with debt advice.

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Debt Help in the UK

There is information about the various debt solutions which may be suitable for you on our "How can we help?" page. The correct debt solution will depend on your personal and financial situation. It's important you are given all of the available debt solutions so our debt help team will confirm what options are suitable for you and the pros and cons to each debt solution so you can make an informed decision.

Our caring and supportive debt advisors can provide you with telephone or internet based debt advice. You are under no obligation to proceed with the debt advice we provide, however if you do decide to proceed we will be here to help you every step of the way.

You can receive debt advice by calling 0800 085 0226 or perhaps you would like to complete a debt analyser form which can give you an idea which debt solution is best for you.

There are a number of debt phrases being discussed in the news, for more information on bankruptcy, a debt management, Trust Deed or an IVA, please click the relevant link.


People We've Helped

We've helped thousands of people in debt and with our charity debt support we can help you too. Call today on 0800 085 0226.

"Before speaking to Debt Support Trust I wouldn't open my mail, answer my phone and was scared to open the door. Debt Support Trust gave me advice to get debt free and it's a huge weight off my mind."

Debt Test

Our debt analyser is a unique system which can give you an answer to your debt problem in around 15 minutes, without having to speak to anybody.

Through answering a range of questions about your financial situation we can suggest solutions to your debt problem. Our qualified advisors can also help you with the pros and cons to each solution.